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Apostle Sheraine Lathon

Senior Apostle/Chief Administrative & 

Financial Officer


Sheraine Lathon joined Liberty Temple in 1984. A few months after joining, she noticed that the growing church was in desperate need of a nursery, so with the blessing of Pastor Denise Turner, Sheraine started the nursery so the children could learn about Jesus in a fun environment. Sheraine would go on to meet the many needs of the ministry by cleaning before or after church service, ordering supplies and assisting with the church offering.


She was later ordained Elder and Minister of the Gospel in November 1987. During this time, Elder Sheraine would grow and expand the financial ministry of the church, assisting with crusades and other missions as then Pastor Turner requested.

In December 1999, after 15 years of the then Elder Lathon’s dedication to God and the ministry, Apostle Clifford E. Turner, Ph.D., ordained this dynamic ministry gift as Senior Pastor of Liberty Temple, Chicago. It was during this time that Pastor Lathon expanded many ministries in the church, including but not limited to, Deacons, Boys II Men, Operation Timothy, Girl Scouts, Voices of Liberty choir, Media, TNT, TractDown, the Prophetic Team, and so much more.


In 2010, Pastor Lathon was ordained Senior Apostle of the LIN Network where she continues to serve as Administrator and Chief Financial Officer.

​Apostle Lathon specializes in training five-fold ministry leaders, with an emphasis on raising Prophets and prophetic companies. Apostle Lathon focuses her teaching on expanding faith, fasting and prayer.  

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